For a long time, this blog was a place for me to share my research on women’s health and fitness.  I also took some time to congratulate myself on my journey into being a more fit individual.

My purpose in being more physically fit and knowledgeable about fitness was achieving a commission as a Judge Advocate General officer.  Well, now I’m there, and as Phineas taught us: all must evolve or perish.

My new goal is to capture the adventures my new life presents me.  I’m stationed near Fairbanks, Alaska on a particularly forsaken stretch of taiga.  My boss calls me “LT,” I salute when I should, and I live in an arctic desert.  This is my new reality, and this is my new lifestyle blog.  I’ll share some very non-intimate, unclassified details about my work, everything I learn about moose, and how much I love snow.

“While still I may, I write for you.
The love I lived, the dream I knew.”
~W.B. Yeats


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