This is a photo of what my dog looks like at the end of a skijoring harness. Skijoring is like dog mushing without a sled. The human is on cross country skis, and he or she is pulled by a small team of dogs.

I share this because it’s a new sport for me. Recently, I was discussing with an old friend how I find it strange that young people have asked me for advice – and they seem to truly believe I’m in a position to bestow wisdom!

It’s ok. You can laugh, too.

But I’ve also been trying to think of something useful to tell those who ask my opinion about jobs or law school or whatever. Here’s the best advice I have to give (the root of the root and the bud of the bud):

Have as many experiences as you can.

That’s it. That’s the sum of everything I’ve learned in 27.5 years. It sums up living, loving, crying, sleeping, traveling, writing, jumping, eating, being embarrassed, being proud, becoming well-rounded, learning, and just about every bumper sticker.

Do as much as you can. Gather experiences like people collect flowers. Be uncomfortable.

Be inelegant and ungrateful on skis as your dog drags you across the tundra.


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