2011 Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Versaliner gloves ($45)
  2. Cando Extra-Firm Black Foam Roll 6” x 36” ($18.34)
  3. Nike Pro Compression Training Crew Sock ($8.00) (These are made to compress my problem areas – ankles and calves – during a workout but also keep you dry via Nike’s Dri-Fit fabric.  They’re absolutely on my list!)
  4. iTunes gift cards
  5. Scape’s Athlete Sunblock ($14.95)  (Because, people, you’re not helping yourself by running if you just end up with skin cancer.)
  6. Brooks Infiniti Beanie ($24) (Not too thin, not too thick, and made to wick away sweat)
  7. Garmin Forerunner 405 Wireless GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with USB ANT Stick and Heart Rate Monitor (now $152.77 on Amazon.com)
  8. Tennis balls (The perfect thing for massaging tired feet and stuffing stockings.)
  9. DYNA-BAND 6ft Medium Resistance Band ($7.27)
  10. Saint Ralph ($12.99) (Love this movie)
  11. Birds of a Feather Wrist Wallet ($25.00)  (No pockets?  No problem!  Put your keys or ID in a wrist wallet from miamor.com)
  12. “Run Less, Run Faster: Boston Training Programs” ($17.00) (Seems foolproof to me)

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