New Year’s Resolutions

1.) Drink more water.


2.) Learn to run and enjoy the silence without my iPod.


3.) 3 miles in 21 minutes


4.) Pull-ups


5.) Swim a mile every morning (This is just wishful thinking – there will be plenty of mornings when I don’t have time for this . . . but I’d really love it)


6.) Take my vitamins


7.) Learn to be happy with progress

Happy New Year!


2011 Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Versaliner gloves ($45)
  2. Cando Extra-Firm Black Foam Roll 6” x 36” ($18.34)
  3. Nike Pro Compression Training Crew Sock ($8.00) (These are made to compress my problem areas – ankles and calves – during a workout but also keep you dry via Nike’s Dri-Fit fabric.  They’re absolutely on my list!)
  4. iTunes gift cards
  5. Scape’s Athlete Sunblock ($14.95)  (Because, people, you’re not helping yourself by running if you just end up with skin cancer.)
  6. Brooks Infiniti Beanie ($24) (Not too thin, not too thick, and made to wick away sweat)
  7. Garmin Forerunner 405 Wireless GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with USB ANT Stick and Heart Rate Monitor (now $152.77 on
  8. Tennis balls (The perfect thing for massaging tired feet and stuffing stockings.)
  9. DYNA-BAND 6ft Medium Resistance Band ($7.27)
  10. Saint Ralph ($12.99) (Love this movie)
  11. Birds of a Feather Wrist Wallet ($25.00)  (No pockets?  No problem!  Put your keys or ID in a wrist wallet from
  12. “Run Less, Run Faster: Boston Training Programs” ($17.00) (Seems foolproof to me)

(PS – I have a desk; I just don’t like sitting at it)

I’ve been wrestling with the take home exam from hell for days now, and I’m certain that my butt is flat.  Like a pancake.  I’m serious – I can feel that my ass is changing shape.

Normally, I completely abandon anything like health or fitness during exams and go back to comfort eating and complete lethargy.  I mean, I shower and brush my teeth, but that’s about it.  I think I should be allowed to abandon my self-discipline when I’m devoting every fiber of my being to something else, especially when the something else is miserable.

I’ve been trying to be somewhat conscientious about my health this year.  I don’t really have time to go to the gym or for long runs even though I know it would help me de-stress.  When I have to ration every second of my day, I get strategic.  So here’s a list of little tips for when you’re chained to your desk, but you don’t want to feel even more miserable than you are now.

1.) Drink water and coffee in equal proportions

2.) Put your notes on the floor so you can stretch and do planks

3.) Indulge in sugar-free candy (seriously, Sour Patch Kids are my weakness, and I’ll eat pounds of them if someone lets me)

4.) Put your laptop on the top of your dresser and work  standing up for awhile

5.) Do calf raises while you’re standing up

6.) Give your eyes a break and leave your contacts out

7.) Eat a lot of produce in addition to your pizza – raw food never steers me wrong

8.) Include sleep in your study schedule and stick to it!

9.) Have a glass of wine in your last hour of studying so you can sleep (am I the only one doing this?  Is it just me that wants to drink while studying?)

10.) Listen to Mozart – his music is so mathematically perfect that it stimulates your brain in ways that nothing else can

11.) Have study buddies – they keep you company AND keep you motivated

The last thing on my list was going to be, “Try to remember that you’re not the only person working hard right now, and everyone else isn’t having a party somewhere without you.”  But then I thought I might sound pretty pathetic.





Even though Facebook keeps telling me that other people are going ice-skating, Christmas shopping, decorating trees, and baking cookies.  Bah humbug.  For now, it’s just me and Smoocho trying to keep our holiday spirit

Happy Studying from me and Smooch

America’s Game: Army v. Navy

No, I don’t mean I’m still torn about which branch I like best.  I’m referring to the epic annual football game between the United States Military Academy (West Point) and the United States Naval Academy.

I have a few friends who either attend the academies or are recent alums.  My father and my honorary uncle/physical therapist/family friend/inadequate swimmer extraordinaire went to see the boys play in Philadelphia last year.  My poor father has only daughters who never got into organized sports, and so he has adopted our friends and his friends’ sons so he can go to manly sporting events.  (He also attended all of our recitals, dance competitions, golf tournaments, swim meets, and volleyball games, but I don’t think it was the same.  After all, you can’t even tell which kid is yours when she’s underwater and wearing a swim cap.  He happily touted dress bags and held up mirrors so we could put on our stage make-up, but I think he prefers football.)

My father and honorary uncle run a website called All Things Physical Therapy.

It’s pretty wonderful.

In fact, they’ve even published me a few times. So I think it’s extra wonderful.

Today, however, I’d like to direct your attention to their relations and reminiscing about last year’s Army/Navy Game.    Both men had a wonderful time last year, clearly.  And even though I don’t even like football, I think I’d like to see this game once in my life.  I’ve traveled and lived in other countries, and it just makes me appreciate being from the U.S. of A. even more.  It kills me when people who have never been outside their state and don’t have the slightest grasp of the rest of the world criticize Americans, our government, and our civil servants.  Seriously.  Go live in a place without toilet paper or the ability to vote and then get back to me on why our country sucks.

That’s why I think that a game that symbolizes our traditions, honors the history of our nation’s leaders and defenders, and upholds dignity and pride is a wonderful thing.  Because I really do not enjoy watching football, I like to focus on other aspects of the rivalry.

To read about the pride and the pageantry of this event, go here.  I think more people should learn about it.

The wonders of technology: enter Spotify.

To any faithful readers I may have acquired – I’m sorry that this is the ball I have dropped.  I’m currently undergoing the second-to-last final exam period of my life.  BUT.  I have a lovely holiday treat in store for you.  I haven’t decided whether to show pictures from our Turkey Trot yet because I think we’re either nervous, sweaty, or obnoxious in all of them, so my gift is not giving you something at which to laugh.  My gift is a workout playlist.  I used Spotify, and you can find my playlist there; it’s called Running 1.

Spotify is something I have tried to ignore because I find all the updates on my Facebook Newsfeed annoying.  Honestly, I do NOT care to what you are listening.  Just like I really don’t care to watch you update your sick child’s temperature every 20 minutes, the latest score from the game we’re ALL watching already, or whatever ridiculously inappropriate thing you write about your personal life.  Also, I’m telling the honest-to-God truth when I say that I can’t read ultrasound photos.  Not at all.

Rant over.  It turns out that Spotify is actually quite wonderful (especially when you block it from your Facebook).  I created this whole running playlist instead of studying for Wills and Trusts.  I think it’s a product of too much caffeine and my ADD-attitude toward music when I work out.  It’s almost painfully eclectic and mismatched, but if you’re like me, you need to keep yourself interested.  This is the kind of set list I need to really get me going for an early morning run when I’m really NOT excited about anything but my bed.  Enjoy!